Skil Drill Press 3320-02, 10-Inch

This Skil drill press, although a smaller drill press than others on the market, is well built and does the job. The Skil 3320-02 has a 5-speed 120volt, 60Hz motor allowing it to drill a number of different materials, however, it’s perfect for woodworking. A 45 degree tilting worktop surface allows for angular drilling, and a laser (powered by two AA batteries) adds to the accuracy.

This press comes with many additional features, some of which are outlined below:

Product Features

  • A two-beam laser for precise and accurate hole alignment.
  • Variable 5-speed motor; practical for drilling metals, plastics, and wood.
  • Changeable Depth Stop for accurate repetitive drilling.
  • Cast iron base and work surface for durability.

The Skil 3320-02 is easy to use, and the motor is very quiet and runs smoothly. Although the lasers run off two AA batteries, they are easily replaceable, or you can use rechargeable ones. This unit is also relatively easy to setup, and quick to get going.

The lasers (a must for deadly accurate precise drilling) and added features such as the angular 0-45 degree tilting work surface and the adjustable Depth Stop were also very welcomed by users of this product. Here are some additional comments


  • Very affordable model.
  • Adequate 3.2 amp motor.
  • Well built, and from quality components.
  • Lasers for precise drilling.
  • Designed for medium usage – perfect for most home or hobby usage.


  • Not designed for heavy duty use in a commercial or industrial space.

Some comments from Skil drill press users

Most customer reviews we’ve found for this product are positive. The only negative comment we have found was that this drill isn’t suitable for significant heavy duty use. On the whole, reviewers that have bought this product were happy with the easy setup and assembly, and the easy to follow instruction manual. Most were also quiet happy with the pricing of the Skil drill press as well.

The lasers (a must for deadly accurate precise drilling) and added features such as the angular 0-45 degree tilting work surface and the adjustable Depth Stop were also very welcomed by users of this product. Here are some additional comments

“…first, you must decide what you want your tool to do. Then you can choose the tool. This is not a production drill press. It’s designed for the home shop, with medium-to-heavy usage”

“…The drill assembled easily and the instructions were good. The unit operated without any problems. I’m very happy with it and would buy from Skil again.”

“…the fit and finish aren’t what you will get from an expensive tool, but this is very functional and precise in the places it needs to be.”


The Skill 3320 is a fantastic drill press ideal for home use or small workshop use for hobbyists. Easy to assemble and with clear and easy instructions. A fantastic machine for the price.

The features of this model are very welcomed, and personally I wouldn’t buy a drill press without such features these days as it makes the whole drilling process more more easier and more precise. Skil have got it spot on this time. I would recommend this product.

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Additional Product Details

Shipping Weight: 55 pounds
Item model number: 3320-02
Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Amperage: 3.2
Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch

Shop Fox Drill Press, W1668 13-Inch Bench-Top

The Shop Fox W1668 bench top drill press comes equipped with a 3/4 horsepower motor and 12 different speed settings that perform up to 1,725 rpm. It also doubles as a 12 speed oscillating sander which is great for contour sanding.

A great feature, and a very thoughtful addition from Shop Fox is the dust collection port which makes sanding less dusty and less of the clean-up operation than a sanding operation. It also has a clearance hole for use when sanding, making it easier to sand larger objects.

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Product Features

  • 12-speed oscillating sander feature.
  • 3/4-horsepower motor – great for heavier jobs.
  • Dust collection port
  • 115 volts
  • Spring chuck key

The W1668 runs off a 115 volt power supply and it is just like it’s little brother (the H0625) in many respects, except that this unit has more speeds and more power, allowing it to take on more heavier jobs with ease.

The spring chuck key is a great safety feature you don’t get on some other models. The Shop Fox W1668 comes with an instruction manual, however, it’s not very clear and some important details are not included in it.


  • Affordable
  • Oscillating sander for contour sanding and other sanding tasks
  • Sawdust collect facility allows for cleaner sanding


  • Not as easy to set up as some similar drill presses.
  • Instruction manual isn’t very clear.

Shop Fox Drill Press User Reviews

There are mixed reviews on this bench drill press. While some users are clearly quite happy with it, others report being dissatisfied.

We found one of the main causes for concern was the instruction manual, which some complained was incomplete and inconsistent. In addition, some users thought the finish of the press appeared cheaply done.

Several users reported that drill press has parts broken after shipping. Although these customers stated that all broken parts were replaced or fixed free of charge, we can’t help but wonder due to the number of units broken whether it’s a packaging problem on the manufacturers side of things.

We also found the following comments:

“…the instruction and assembly manual did not completely match the drill press I received. I guess, if you can’t figure out how to put it together, you shouldn’t be using it anyway.”

“…the manual omits important details and seems to refer to a earlier revision of the product.”

“…I purchased this drill press from Amazon and the shipment was pretty fast.”


If you are a professional woodworker or machinist, it is likely that you can find a better unit out there that better suits your needs and budget. However, despite several issues with the W1668, on the whole, it’s a pretty good machine for the money. As long as you realized that there may be problems with the instruction manual and that there may be issues the the shipping, it will perform well once it has been set up.



Additional Product Details

Shipping Weight: 171 pounds.
Item model number: W1668.

Delta DP300L 12-Inch TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press

The Delta DP300L 12-Inch Twin Laser crosshairs Drill Press does exactly what it says in the product description. It comes with a good number of features and is quite powerful, although it is not professional grade and best suited to home shop applications. It is also an exceptionally affordable model.

Product Features:

  • A flexible work lamp illuminates the word surface for extra visibility.
  • The industrial motor in this drill press is high performance and designed for longevity.
  • The DP300L comes with a tilting table allowing for angular drilling.
  • Five motor speeds on the drill; perfect for drilling a wide variety of materials.

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The motor on the Delta DP300L has five speeds, and is capable of drilling a range of materials including wood, metals and plastics. The flexible lamp illuminates the word surface to make it easier for you to see what you are doing, and the laser cross hairs ensure accurate drilling every time; however we found you may need to recalibrate it every so often to maintain accuracy.

The unit comes with an instruction manual that is relatively easy to follow, and setup of the press is pretty straight forward so you should be drilling in no time at all.


  • Powerful drill for long-lasting use.
  • Very reasonable price tag.


  • Flimsy packaging.
  • Have to recalibrate the laser cross hairs often.

What users of the Delta DP300L are saying about this drill press:

There are mixed reviews of this product right across the board. Some people are quite happy with the DP300L, and others seem not so. One of the main points to note is the lack of sturdy packaging. For a machine of this size and weight, the cardboard box and Styrofoam inside are inadequate.

After reading many user reviews of this product, it seems those who use the drill infrequently, or for hobby activities find it very easy to use and are, overall, impressed with the quality and easy of use. Those who use it for more serious applications get frustrated with the lack of professional grade components in the drill press, and would have been happier to pay a higher price for a more professional standard product.

Here is a example of some user comments:

“… thin cardboard box was all that separated many of the cast iron parts from the world. The Styrofoam inside was all but disintegrated and there was only one piece of tape top and bottom and 3 straps holding it altogether (86 lbs mind you). Upon opening, nothing looked damaged and all the broken foam stayed in place.”

“…Assembly was easy and proceeded exactly as the manual specified. All metal parts have a healthy dose of protective oil. You can wipe the excess oil with a clean rag (but never actually wash or “clean” the oiled surfaces).”

“…I am overall satisfied with the tool.”

“…Same with the laser. I actually found that I need to recalibrate the lasers each time I change the table height slightly if I want them to be dead accurate.”

Our Conclusions

Delta were always a top quality hardware manufacturer, but in recent years Delta was sold to an overseas owner and production has since moved to China. As a direct result of this, quality of manufacturing and the quality of the components used in Delta products has dropped significantly.

Although overall the Delta DP300L is a quality product and does what it is made for, it is more of an over-powered hobby drill. Anybody looking for a more professional grade product should be looking to pay a little more. When it comes to drill presses and hardware like this, you do generally pay for quality.

Additional Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 31 x 18 x 13 inches ; 42 pounds
Shipping Weight: 84.8 pounds
Item model number: DP300L

Jet JDP 15M Bench Drill Press

This Jet drill press truly is a dream to work with. Incredibly easy to set up and very versatile, it is idea for nearly all jobs, big and small. The Jet JDP-15MF has a large work surface with x-pattern grooves for guiding and lining up your materials. The work surface is height adjustable and rotatable to 45 degrees in either direction. The work surface measures 10 inches by 13 inches in front of the drill bit to accommodate larger objects with ease.

The JDP-15MF boasts a powerful 3/4-horsepower motor with 16 speeds; from 200rpm right up to 3,630rmp. Access to the motor mount is quick and easy through a hinged metal belt and pulley cover. This machine also has an impressive feature list:
A powerful 3/4-horsepower motor.
Ability to run off 115volts or 230 volts.
Quick-release, height adjusted work surface.
16 speeds; ranging from 200rpm to 3,63rpm.
Drill depth gauge.
Quick and easy push-button for quick on and off operation.
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The ability for this unit to run off either 155volts or 230volts ensures power reliability. Although it’s the biggest of the bench presses on the market today, it is a still a bench press nonetheless; so if free space is at a premium but you still need a powerful drill press, the JDP-15MF should definitely be taken into consideration. It is also very versatile and can also be used for other jobs such as shaping, plating, sanding, routing, and many more.

Powerful 16 speed 3/4hp engine.
Very easy to use.
Very versatile and can be used for many other things than just drilling.
Large work surface for working with larger objects.
Sturdy construction; made from heavy durable components.
Largest bench model on the market

Pricey if you are just looking for a small no-nonsense drill for light tasks.
What users of the JDP 15M Bench Drill Press have said:
We found a few other reviews for the JDP-15MF, and overall they were quite positive. The 16 motor speed options are notable, and thus makes this unit rather versatile. Many liked the easy set up, easy to follow instructions, and ease of use. The powerful 3/4-horsepower motor was also well liked. The extra power comes in handy on heavier drilling tasks.
The heaviness of the drill is also welcomed by many users of this drill press, and the light tucked up under the drill head is great for seeing exactly what you are doing.

The only negative remarks we’ve seen is about the size of drill press – some found it to be too large. However, the specifications are clear when you buy such a drill press, so make sure you measure out where you want to put it first to avoid disappointment.

Here are some additional user comments:

“…for those of you who need a quality drill press, but whose [work]shops are a little small for a floor-standing model, this is probably your best bet.”
“…assembly is very easy – until you need to lift the drill head and motor housing onto the column. It is possible to do it yourself if you are tall and strong, but I recommend having a helper because it is a bit of a workout.”

“…in use, the drill is very accurate, with minimal run-out (so-called drill bit “wobble”) which is the bane of most cheap drill presses.”
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Our Conclusions:
The Jet JDP15-MF certainly delivers, and is well worth the higher price tag. Aimed at the more serious woodworker, this drill press is everything you’d expect from a high-end model and much more.

Additional Product Details:
Product Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 40 inches ; 156 pounds
Shipping Weight: 163 pounds
Includes: 5/8-Inch drill chuck and key; built-in work-light (bulb not included).